Adventures in private school episode 5: How Lunch works

Ahhhh…. The lunch room, an oasis where students can do their two most favorite things; eat and socialize. The only downside is the lines for a hot lunch. In fact, these lines are the bane of my existence.

Let me first outline the process of how we are supposed to buy our lunch:

There is an open refrigerator case with drinks, cake, salad lunches, pudding, fruit and sandwiches near the front of the line. You pick your preferred items from the case and either move to the cashier line to buy them, or you move to one of the two hot lunch lines. In the lines for the hot lunches you grab a tray place your items from the refrigerator case on the tray and wait until the server hands you your food. Occasionally there are additional items such as condiments or fruit in a inset ice box at the end of the line, you can have/use those too. You then move to the cashier line and purchase your food.

This is what happens, on a regular basis:

Students arrive in the lunch room in a hurry wanting to get food quickly. They grab their refrigerator case items and move over to the first line. Eventually that line gets long and people crowd around the refrigerator case making it difficult for those who are going to the second line or simply only want items from the case. It also makes it difficult to tell who is in line, but the fun hasn’t even started until you actually get In line. Once in one of the hot lunch lines, you quickly realize the actual length of the line is double what you see. This is because it is not a single file line, it is a group of people, causing long wait times. These ten minute wait times (keep in mind we only have about 25 minutes for lunch) are then lengthened by the clique nature of high school. A popular member of a friend group will be waiting in line (usually near the front) and see their friends. The comrades then begin to socialize and then  suddenly they are absorbed  into the line, usually in front of 20 or so other hungry people. And this is why I had to wait extremely close to the front of the line (with my books in hand) for ten minutes without moving a single step forward. And this is all because of some people believing they have more of a right to lunch than everyone else. It makes me furious (to put it into words). People in the friend group wait for two minutes and get their lunch before the person who has been waiting ten. How is that just?

My facebook rules: what not to do on facebook

Recently, I have been realizing how stupid people can be on facebook or other social media websites. From criminals, to regular people here are some tips about what not to post:

    • Do not make a life event about your new hobby, and then date it to about two months ago (unless, you have avidly been doing said hobby, posting about it, posting pictures of said hobby and maybe have talent of said hobby). Doing this will make you seem like a poser.
    • Do not post about your awesome “BFFL” and how much they mean to you. You are placing them above any friend that you have, possibly hurting other “BFFL”‘s feelings by saying that the awesome friend is their only “BFFL”, and most people do not care because this only involves you and your friend.
    • Do not friend people you barely know or don’t know.
    • Do not leave a vague post about somebody you are angry at. This is just plain annoying and awkward for the person who you are making the status about especially if you friend them.
    • Do not repost. Even if you agree with the message, 95% of the time reposting does nothing to help, fund or sponsor it. As a plus it makes you look like a fake. This is the same for chain mail too.
    • Do not post a private message on to peoples walls. People honestly do not care and it could be really embarrassing to the person you are trying to tell.
    • Do not make your wall a live blog, unless you have something important, interesting or fun do it for. Your sick day does not count.
    • Do not post in all caps LIKE THIS. Use all caps sparingly, most people view that as angrily yelling.
    • Do Not Capitalize Every Word In Your Post. It makes you look like an moron.
    • Do not use texting language in posts.
    • Do not spam your friends wall with multiple posts asking them to do something.
    • Do not post about doing criminal activity. In fact do not do any criminal activity.
    • Do not upload demeaning photos of friends without permission. This could actually hurt their career and ruin your friendship.

If everyone would follow these rules Facebook would become much more beneficial and fun for everyone.

Today 6-16-11

Today was 8th grade graduation. Everyone got an award, even some of the teachers. Probably the most shocking part was when my civics teacher started singing with the choir. He was actually pretty good! Afterward everybody tried to go back to home room. That was chaos. After that whole situation my mom took me home.

Adventures in private school episode 4: The Mio

You may have seen the advertisements for “Mio: liquid water enhancer” on TV, Facebook, YouTube, etc. You add it to water for flavor basically. And there is “Mio: Energy” with caffeine in it: for obliviously, energy. It comes in a little hand sized bottle, perfect to keep in your pocket.

I have been noticing several freshmen boys taking this stuff to school. Some put it in water…. some don’t. Lots of people that have “Mio” are drinking the syrup directly from the squeeze bottle, during class. It is disgusting. (We are not allowed to have any food in class without permission) Often times in class I see them drinking it when the teacher has their back turned, and then slyly slipping the bottle back into their pocket. And sometimes its even the energy drink version! I saw someone down an entire bottle of that and get so caffeinated that they could not sit still.

I have tried this stuff before, and i would not be consuming it like these guys are. To me it tastes like melted sugar-free jell-o. And any artificial sweetener never tastes very sweet to me, so all I am getting is the weird fake flavor. I’m also skeptical about the caffeine usage here. Alone this “mio energy” is like ten five hour energies. Yeah, a lot of caffeine. 1440 mg to be exact, although just 80 per serving.  This trend is disturbing me a lot. Do they think its some kind of strength challenge? Is it supposed to impress people?


Today I was sitting next to somebody in math that was doing this. He began to pass it around to other people.

Adventures in private school episode 3: The pen issue

As I have noticed in my time here, many people like to borrow things. Socks, books, gym clothes, calculators, and pens all have been borrowed at one point or another. And most of the time people don’t mind. I personally don’t. Unless it’s pens. Most people don’t really think much of them. It’s not necessarily people borrowing my pens or pencils, getting them back is my problem.

A week ago I lent somebody a pen during third period. Never to be returned. I discovered in my second period class the next day that my black pen had been “borrowed” again by that person’s friend. And I should have learned my lesson. Two days ago I lent the same person a mechanical pencil without even thinking about it, and then a pen the next day during third period (an odd coincidence). I had to ask repeatedly for the pen back at the end of the period until he gave it back. And then in the next period he gave the mechanical pencil back without the cap. :-/


Today 1-13-12

New agent assignments:

Agent 45: My writer/journalist comrade, my hunger games buddy, and an avatar the last airbender fan.

Agent 52: First person I met on freshman orientation day. We have a lot of inside jokes with agent 35 and agent 46. She has five cats.

Agent 46: Quiet and smart. Likes to talk about nail polish and is my buddy in gym with Agent 45, 63, and 64.

Agent 64: Also quiet and smart. She is my Zelda buddy and, according to Agent 45 will be next to catch the hunger games bug. Is in the same Chem class as Agent 23.

Agent 63: She loves to play sports, preferably basketball. She likes to be hyper and eat candy. She is an awesome goalie and friend.

Agent 23: Was previously home schooled. She likes to ride horses and playing the piano. Her calculator was vandalized by her brother to say “The Game”.

Agent 35: In drawing I with me. Loves manga and foreign music. She creates awesome art with acrylic paint and a canvas.

Agent 79: In algebra with Agent 45 and I. She hates math as much as we do. And is awesome at drawing.

Agent 95: A senior in drawing I. Likes to be funny and sarcastic.

Today someone dropped their phone out of their locker. Apparently Iphones gain a lot of velocity from that hight, because it landed on my thumb and almost bruised it.

Adventures in private school episode 2: The club that wasn’t

I have not blogged in a long time.

There is many reasons why, but moving forward. The robotics club has not met since November. This obviously frustrates me because of the fact that I actually want to do extracurriculars this year, and I really enjoyed robotics last year. And by October I could tell that this was not going to be a competing club. Nobody was making any decisions about what league to join (vex, lego, first, etc.) or really showing any interest in competing. The club was only meeting once a month to top that. And later we were promised electronic kits, but the teacher has been preoccupied with the national honors society. So I am not sure of the  fate of that.

Then there is the astronomy club. And I am the only member who showed up last meeting. We are supposed to try and go use the telescope Monday but im not sure if im going to be able to go. Sigh.

Adventures in private school Episode 1

Today marks the end of the first month of high school. Its been fun and yet not so much.

On the fun side:

  • I have new friends
  • My Chemistry and English teachers are awesome
  • I have freedom to do a lot more things
  • They sell SODA after last period
  • There is five minutes in between classes
  • Doughnuts are served at lunch

On the Bad side:

  • I have to run a mile in gym every gym class
  • There are only half lockers
  • I have a bottom locker
  • I am the only girl in robotics club or astronomy club
  • I have to take algebra again
  • Homework :-(

On something some what related the local public school apparently just noticed last week that i was not attending their school. Public school had been in session for three weeks! To add to that my mom filled out the forms, called them twice, and actually went to the school herself. You would think they would get the message. Noo last week the truancy officer called my dad. So according to agent 16 the school is very disorganized anyway. I think its been all resolved but still.