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8th grade

Today 6-16-11

Today was 8th grade graduation. Everyone got an award, even some of the teachers. Probably the most shocking part was when my civics teacher started singing with the choir. He was actually pretty good! Afterward everybody tried to go back to home room. That was chaos. After that whole situation my mom took me home. Continue reading

9th Grade

Adventures in private school episode 4: The Mio

You may have seen the advertisements for “Mio: liquid water enhancer” on TV, Facebook, YouTube, etc. You add it to water for flavor basically. And there is “Mio: Energy” with caffeine in it: for obliviously, energy. It comes in a little hand sized bottle, perfect to keep in your pocket. I have been noticing several freshmen boys taking this stuff to school. Some put … Continue reading

9th Grade

Today 1-13-12

New agent assignments: Agent 45: My writer/journalist comrade, my hunger games buddy, and an avatar the last airbender fan. Agent 52: First person I met on freshman orientation day. We have a lot of inside jokes with agent 35 and agent 46. She has five cats. Agent 46: Quiet and smart. Likes to talk about … Continue reading